Mediterende figuur op een steiger aan een bergmeer met uitkijk op de bergen

Spiritual support
to increase your feeling of protection

I would like to offer the following spiritual supporting ‘energy pose’ to those people who feel touched by my approach to life and mankind. This pose does not make you inviolable but ensures that all your cells, your feelings and your consciousness will be nourished with essential life energy, so that they are as healthy, powerful and protective as possible.

Before you begin to become familiar with this pose, you will first feel your right brain hemisphere for a while. Before and after reading the descriptions below, always take a look at the drawing below, so that the image that forms in your head immediately merges with the description of the feeling. The time you need for this depends on how easily you make contact with these flows. You can also do this pose sitting down.

Maybe you won’t feel all these flows immediately, that wouldn’t be so strange, but if the description and intention of the invitations touch you, give yourself the space and time to repeat the pose regularly. You can give yourself permission over and over again to receive these always available essential energies within you.

Let the energy from the cosmos flow into your crown and head and from there to your centre, your soul, your heart, somewhere between your heart and stomach chakra. When this essential light energy reaches your soul, the essence of your life joins it and from there you let these energies flow to your aura (energy field) and the world. This light energy includes everything that is greater than what you know.

Then let the energy from the centre of the earth, flow into you through your feet, legs and pelvic floor, and from there also flow to your soul, somewhere between your heart and stomach chakra. When this essential force energy reaches your soul, the essence of your life is added to it and from there you also let these energies flow to your aura and the world. This force includes everything you can experience with your humanity.

Then let the energy from ‘far’ behind flow into your body, through your back and from there to that same area, your soul. When this essential supporting energy reaches your soul, the essence of your life is added to it and from there you also let these energies flow to your aura and the world. This supportive energy includes everything you came from, such as all your ancestors and the entire evolution that lies behind you.


You give way to all these essential energies, imagining them as white light. White, because then they are essential in nature, clean and pure, light and shining. White, in which peace gives you security and love, enriches it with the giving radiance. Let this white light, this white power and this white support fill your body (including your brain) and come together in your soul, from where they flow together with the white energy of your soul into your aura and the world. Your aura then becomes filled with white light and that white light flows along in a protective way, when you are in this giving quality and at the same time in connection with the world around you.

As you allow all these white energies to fill and embrace you, you also allow the superfluous energy present in your head to flow out of you from beneath the base of your skull and neck. You also let the energy that is superfluously present in your body flow downward from your coccyx and sacrum. These two streams free you from all the energy that is no longer needed in your body; they cleanse you of that which is a burden and no longer necessary.

Let all these inflows and outflows take place limitlessly and, above all, at the same time, even though you may have first felt them one by one in order to make contact with them. Also let yourself as a whole come into a white, luminous atmosphere. Consciously give definite permission for the superfluous energy to flow out of you freely and unrestrictedly and, above all, be open to the flows that you allow from outside into your soul, which fill, fulfil and embrace you with white, and allow those to flow from there into your aura and into the world.


So let all these flows take place simultaneously as a total image or total experience in which they all do their own work. They will nourish and cleanse you everywhere and on all levels, so that your existential energy, your soul, can naturally respond to everything that you receive in this way.

Over time you will become familiar with the total feeling of it, so that this feeling is more and more quickly evocable and effective. Each time you open yourself, however briefly, to the total picture of this ‘energy pose’, often works for hours.

The essence from the cosmos, the essence from the earth, the essence from evolution and the essence from your soul, bring you in white light in this way. The white light of the origin, the white light of the principle of life, the white light of the essence, the white light of the being: The Light of Being.

‘Enjoy your soothing
new, white and lightening ‘full-being’ dress,
where love feels at home.
Let it heal and protect you.
Let it connect you with your essence.’

In love,