The Light of Being
- School of Spiritual Awareness -


Anandajay is a spiritual teacher who is devoted deeply to the integration of spirituality and spiritual living into the human experience, embracing both our humanity, the immense diversity, beauty and impermanence of our incarnation here on earth, and the essence or Living Light in us and all of creation.

He established a school for spiritual learning in Belgium and the Netherlands, The School of Spiritual Awareness, to share this inner light, or as he experiences it, The Light of Being, to help people find their way back to who they are, to their inner self and humanity. ‘The Light of Being’ is the luminous quality that emanates from ‘being here’, from experiencing your presence and humanity. It’s the immeasurable depth of this light which is present in all of us and the love and compassion that flowers from it to be of service to the world.


‘Light of Being’-Teachings

Twelve spiritual teachings to experience the soul

‘The Light of Being’, the emanating resonance of Being, is that what every human, knowingly or unknowingly, longs for and evolves into. When you live in the Light of Being, you experience the state of Anandajaya, the awareness from which you perceive everything of and in yourself as loving blessings of the soul. From this state, Anandajay developed twelve spiritual teachings that provide a doorway to a more open contact with the Living Light (for an overview, click here). The twelve teachings are:

Daily inspiration

Music, books & videos

Anandajay has made more than hundred mantras, pujas (prayers) and ragas. The mantras and pujas are forms of mantra and bhakti yoga, and the ragas have a healing effect on the chakras. See Anandajay’s music for more information or watch a music video below. Anandajay has also written a dozen books (available in Dutch and German) about spiritual awareness, meditation, the essence of yoga and its application particularly in hatha, jnana and surya yoga, and the integration of spirituality in the human experience.

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